skti Journal,2003:journal Sean Kelly 2010-06-28T14:49:22-05:00 skEdit Acquisition by Before Dawn Solutions, Inc.,2010-06-28:journal.418 2010-06-28T14:49:22-05:00 <p>Sean Kelly and Before Dawn Solutions, Inc. (, would like to announce the acquisition of the skEdit Editor by Before Dawn Solutions effective immediately. The skEdit editor will become a cornerstone application of the Before Dawns Solutions application offerings and Before Dawn Solutions will continue on with the great application that Sean Kelly has already started. At this time there are no plans to change the name of the application.<p/></p> <p>"We are very excited to add the skEdit Application to our application offerings and look forward to making a great application even better", says John Martyniak, President/CEO, Before Dawn Solutions, Inc.<p/></p> <p>"Developing skEdit has been an amazing experience. I am confident that Before Dawn Solutions will be a great home for skEdit and look forward to seeing what they build."<p/></p> <p>All current users of the skEdit application will receive a free upgrade to the Before Dawn Solutions branded skEdit which will be available shortly, by either skEdit application update, or by downloading the skEdit application from the website or the new Before Dawn Solutions application website. The skEdit application will be available via the website until the switch is made to the Before Dawn Solutions application website. But starting immediately all support and sales questions can be sent to</p> <p/> <p>Before Dawn Solutions will be launching a new application website that will support skEdit and other applications. The site will include forums, blogs, FAQs and application information. The new website should launch in early July 2010.</p> <p/> <p>Sean Kelly is a 26-year-old software engineer working for Apple, Inc. He is the developer of skEdit for Mac OS X. He enjoys camping/backpacking, reading, television, and movies. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Case Western Reserve University with a BS in Computer Science in 2006.</p> <p/> <p>Before Dawn Solutions was started in 2003, and specializes in custom application development for customers, we also offer hosting services. Before Dawns Solutions, also develops and maintains, websites such as,,,, and Before Dawn Solutions has several iPhone/iPad/iPod applications in development, which will be released shortly.</p> <p/> <p>Before Dawn Solutions can be reached at:<br/></p> <p>Phone: 877-499-1562<br/></p> <p>Web: <a href=""></a><br/></p> <p>eMail: <a href=""></a></p> skEdit v4.1.2,2008-10-05:journal.417 2008-10-05T12:21:50-05:00 <p>I have just posted v4.1.2 of skEdit. v4.1.2 is a free upgrade for all licensed users and includes stability improvements and bug fixes. <a href="">Download v4.1.2</a>.</p> <p>Changelist:</p> <ul> <li>Added support for @import references when indexing CSS</li> <li>Fixed bugs where skEdit could get into a bad state if the remote connection was lost mid-save.</li> <li>Fixed bugs where "Delete File" sometimes would not work correctly in a remote project.</li> <li>Fixed bug where skEdit would revert back to the default bundle on save after you had chosen a custom bundle.</li> <li>Added support for the end* PHP keywords.</li> <li>Fixed bug where skEdit would sometimes change the group of the file on save.</li> <li>Changed behavior of PHP code-completion so that you typing the opening &lt;?php won't complete to php_ini_scanned_files().</li> <li>Fixed (I think) a bug where the line number would become distorted while scrolling.</li> <li>Fixed a bug where "Close Tag" would sometimes close the wrong tag.</li> <li>Fixed bug where skEdit would chose strange apps, like VLC, as the default browser.</li> </ul> skEdit v4.1.1,2008-06-15:journal.415 2008-06-15T13:03:58-05:00 <p>I have just posted v4.1.1 of skEdit. v4.1.1 is a free upgrade for all licensed users and includes stability improvements and bug fixes. <a href="">Download v4.1.1</a>.</p> <p>Changelist:</p> <ul> <li>Fixed bug where regular expression syntax highlighting keywords would colorize partial matches.</li> <li>Fixed bug where the project view would become stuck with 0 width.</li> <li>Fixed bug where multi-file search would fail silently for remote projects.</li> <li>Fixed bug where tidy options taking a string argument were not editable.</li> <li>Fixed bug where a &lt;?php not matched with a closing ?&gt; would prevent the code navigator from working correctly.</li> <li>Fixed bug where a remote project would lose the remote configuration and fallback to being a local-only project.</li> <li>Fixed typo in the list of languages.</li> <li>Fixed bug in the German localization where string files were not properly encoded.</li> <li>Fixed bug where CSS ids/classes include a hyphen were not indexed.</li> <li>Fixed bug where the code navigator would not update after creating/editing some types of triggers in the preferences.</li> <li>Fixed bug where the project view width would not be remembered on Tiger.</li> <li>Fixed bug where skEdit would sometimes lose track of which tab should be highlighted.</li> </ul> skEdit v4.1,2008-04-19:journal.414 2008-04-19T12:25:08-05:00 <p>I have just posted v4.1 of skEdit. v4.1 is a free upgrade for all licensed users and includes bug fixes and a few small features. <a href="">Download v4.1</a>.</p> <p>Changelist:</p> <ul> <li>Added ActionScript support</li> <li>Added integrated software update feature</li> <li>Added option to store project configuration files in a standard location rather than in each project</li> <li>Split views now remember their widths</li> <li>Allow multi-file search and replace on specific files</li> <li>Tabs show the full path as a tooltip</li> <li>Improved and expanded the JavaScript code completion and syntax highlighting definitions</li> <li>Fixed bug where typing in the middle of a multi-line comment or quote would syntax highlight incorrectly</li> <li>Fixed bug where a remote-only project would not always download the latest version of a file</li> <li>Fixed exception that could be thrown when closing tabs</li> <li>Fixes for a few crashers</li> <li>Fixed a few FTP file listing parsing bugs</li> <li>Fixed a few syntax highlighting bugs where code sections were incorrectly closed</li> <li>Fixed a bug where the color for invisible characters was not used</li> <li>Fixed a bug where skEdit would use an incorrect line break type</li> <li>Fixed a few minor UI glitches</li> </ul> skEdit v4.0.2,2008-01-26:journal.413 2008-01-26T13:41:04-05:00 <p>I've just posted v4.0.2 of skEdit. It is a free upgrade for all users and includes stability fixes in the code completion.</p> <p><a href="">Download the update</a>.</p> Note regarding v4.0.1,2008-01-21:journal.412 2008-01-21T22:18:29-05:00 <p>A few people have reported crashes when opening a project or saving a file. I've not been able to reproduce yet, but the crash is caused by the code indexer. If you experience this issue, you can workaround by disabling the code indexer in the "Completion" preferences. Apologies for the inconvenience.</p> <p><strong>Update:</strong> I believe I have a fix. I've sent a build out to the testers. If all goes well, I'll do the release later this week.</p> <p><strong>Update 2:</strong> This has been fixed in <a href="">v4.0.2</a>.</p> skEdit v4.0.1,2008-01-19:journal.411 2008-01-19T15:18:19-05:00 <p>I've just posted v4.0.1 of skEdit. This is a free upgrade for all users and includes a number of bug fixes:</p> <ul> <li>Addresses issues in handling multi-byte characters. Fixes crashes and misbehavior.</li> <li>Performance improvements to the code indexing</li> <li>Fix bugs in the Subversion support and allow Subversion to be disabled for a project.</li> <li>Fix a number of crashes</li> <li>Support the system-wide find pasteboard</li> <li>Don't show the document properties dialog when switching to a blank file</li> <li>Tweaks to the PHP code completion to better handle default function argument values</li> </ul> <a href="">Download the update</a>. Japanese v4.0,2007-12-16:journal.410 2007-12-16T13:55:15-05:00 <p>There appear to be some issues with the regular expression engine and Japanese characters. This can cause crashes or features to not work correctly. If you regularly work with Japanese text, you may want to hold off on v4.0 until a fix is available.</p> <p><strong>Update:</strong> This issue has been address in <a href="">v4.0.1</a>.</p> skEdit v4.0 Changeset,2007-12-15:journal.409 2007-12-15T16:17:56-05:00 <p>A few people have asked for a more detailed changeset for <a href="">skEdit v4.0</a>. This list is not exhaustive, and quite a lot is collapsed into generic "bug fixes" items, but it does capture most of the big ticket items:</p> <ul> <li>Redesigned remote files interface</li> <li>New project architecture allowing for editing local files, remote files, or a mix of both</li> <li>Code folding</li> <li>Tabbed windows outside of a project</li> <li>Themes to easily edit and share syntax highlighting styles</li> <li>Code indexing, so that custom functions/classes/etc. are displayed in the code completion</li> <li>Group language-specific settings into bundles for syntax highlighting, code completion, code folding, code indexing, and code navigator</li> <li>Code completion that references a file path now brings up an open dialog</li> <li>Refreshed user interface for editing, snippets, tidy, preferences, search, image viewer</li> <li>More robust handling of network transitions while remote editing</li> <li>Reliablity improvements for remote editing</li> <li>Directory upload/download/deletion for remote editing</li> <li>Ruby and Ruby on Rails support</li> <li>SQL support</li> <li>Allow styling in the code navigator (bold, italic, icons, separators)</li> <li>Updated Subversion support to use your local client, preventing versioning conflicts</li> <li>Subversion is built-in, no need for a plugin</li> <li>Improved hanlding of encodings</li> <li>Image dimensions are reported correctly in the image viewer</li> <li>Quick search will go in reverse on shift-enter</li> <li>Improved robustness and stability of the project view</li> <li>Better handling of saved window frames</li> <li>Various bug fixes in the syntax highlighting engine</li> <li>Various bug fixes in the text editor</li> <li>Various bug fixes in the line numbering</li> <li>Various bug fixes in the ODB external editor support</li> <li>Tons of other bug fixes as well as minor tweaks and enhancements</li> </ul> skEdit v4.0 Released,2007-12-15:journal.407 2007-12-15T11:26:42-05:00 <p>I have just posted skEdit v4.0, and with it a new iteration of the website. This is a big release and quite a bit has changed.</p> <p>First, some policy changes. In all versions prior to v4.0, skEdit came with free lifetime upgrades. Starting with v4.0, most upgrades will be free, but I will charge for major changes. Of course, all users who purchased skEdit before v4.0 will continue to receive free lifetime upgrades. Because of this change, skEdit now uses license files. If you've purchased skEdit already, login to <a href="">your account</a> or use the license recovery feature within skEdit to download your license. Finally, there has been a price bump from $24.95 to $34.95.</p> <p>skEdit itself has quite a few changes. See the full <a href="">feature list</a>, and a more detailed <a href="">changeset</a>. Some highlights:</p> <ul> <li>Redesigned remote files interface</li> <li>Code folding</li> <li>Extensible code completion with code indexing</li> <li>Easy addition/customization of languages</li> <li>Lots of interface refreshing throughout the app</li> </ul> <p><a href="">Purchase skEdit</a>. <a href="">Download skEdit</a>.</p> skEdit v3.6.3 Released,2007-11-10:journal.406 2007-11-10T13:58:23-05:00 <p>I have posted an update to v3.6.2 that addresses a few Leopard compatibility issues, specifically problems with FTP. It also removes the need to delete a garbage preference file created by v3.6.1. Licensed users can download the update by logging in to their <a href="/account.php">account</a>. The 25-day demo can be download from the <a href="/download.php">downloads page</a>.</p> skEdit v3.6.2 Posted,2007-10-26:journal.405 2007-10-26T00:18:47-05:00 <p>v4.0 is not going to make it for the Leopard release, so I have posted an update to v3.6.1 that is compatible with Leopard. It is of course a free upgrade for all licensed users. It does reset the demo period, so you can try it again even if you tried v3.6.1. I'll be sending out email to the list tomorrow.</p> <p>If you are a licensed user, <a href="/account.php">login to your account</a> to download the update. Otherwise, <a href="/download.php">download the 25-day demo</a>.</p> <strong>Update:</strong> Some users have reported issues opening files. I've been able to reproduce the problem. It only happens if you run v3.6.1 on a clean Leopard install. There was a bug in v3.6.1 in how it configured its preferences files for Leopard, causing v3.6.2 to crash or throw exceptions. I will be putting out an update, but in the meantime, deleting your preferences file should get you going. The file is ~/Library/Preferences/org.skti.skEdit.plist. skEdit Update,2007-09-30:journal.404 2007-09-30T17:52:30-05:00 <p>I've just sent the ninth beta of skEdit v4.0 out to the testers. If all goes to plan, this will be the last beta. There will be at least one release candidate with updated documentation, finalized localizations, and fixes for any show-stopper issues that come up during testing. It's been a long road to v4.0, but the end is in sight.</p> Backpacking, 9/10-9/19,2007-09-10:journal.403 2007-09-10T00:57:10-05:00 <p>I'll be backpacking in Yosemite from 9/10 until 9/19, with little to no access to email.</p> Update,2007-07-13:journal.402 2007-07-13T22:42:19-05:00 <p>Development of skEdit v4.0 continues. The eighth beta went out to the testers a week or two ago. I plan to have one more beta, then one or two release candidates.</p>